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Landia bring big energy savings to Holstebro Sewage Treatment Plant

Posted: Thursday 17th June 2010

Pumps and mixers made by Landia have reduced energy costs at Holstebro Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in Denmark by well over 20,000 pa. As well as saving 224,000 kWh, Landia have also significantly improved recirculation at the 220,000 PE plant.

At the two-stage STP, which has primary precipitation and extraction of organic matter for biogasification, frequency- controlled Landia 4.0 kW axial flow propeller pumps (with a 1500 m output) have been installed in the aeration tanks at Holstebro, where energy-saving, sludge minimization and reduced CO2 emissions have been key initiatives. A flow measurer was also mounted on the pipe to control the recirculation level.

Calculating the energy savings was based on a new propeller pump using 2 kW at a 700 m flow corresponding to one old pump at 500 m / 8.5 kW and one old pump at 270 m / 3.0 kW to give a saving of 9.5 kWh/working hour.

Multiplying working hours by kW for both the old and the new pumps, it was calculated that that there would be annual saving of approximately 48,000 kWh per tank (4 x 48,000 kWh) = 192,000 kWh per year.

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