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Lakeside Screw Pumps bring peace

Posted: Friday 22nd September 2017

It's oh-so-quiet at the Mahanoy City Wastewater Treatment Plant in Pennsylvania.

Unless you'd been told otherwise, you wouldn't know that close by, a 36 inch diameter pump is operating night and day in a giant concreted basin.

And even when one of the two larger screw pumps is also being put through its paces, remarkably there's still a kind of a hush.

With the town's school district just 300 feet away, this very well-run treatment plant is a good neighbour.

Today's calmness though is quite an altogether different story from previous dramas experienced at Mahanoy City WWTP. The original raw sewage enclosed screw pump, which had become increasing unreliable, failed twice, ultimately giving the plant operators no option but to look for a more sturdy and efficient alternative. The heavy-duty enclosed Type C screw pump from Lakeside Equipment Corporation was chosen - a design with two convoluted flights that are welded to the rotating outer tube, with the lower bearing mounted above water level.

Intelligently designed

Mahanoy WWTP's Assistant Chief Operator, Josh Ball, commented "Through Lakeside's representative Doug McCord in Exton, PA, we'd always had a very good relationship - and with this new Lakeside enclosed Type C screw pump we immediately benefitted from an intelligently designed and very well engineered product."

Two years later though, one of the original enclosed internal-lift type screw pumps suffered a catastrophic failure, forcing the operators to introduce a temporary (three-months) bypass system.

"At the time, this was pretty nerve-wracking," added Josh Ball.

"The bolts on the stainless steel ring, on which the vast majority of the weight rests, simultaneously broke, causing the structure to break in half. It was scary."

For storm events, the town has to have sufficient back up capacity, so the decision was taken to replace both of the larger pumps - and Mahanoy City had little hesitation in deciding to replace the old units with two brand new enclosed Type C screw pumps from Lakeside to line up alongside the diameter pump that had been working without any issues for the past 24 months.

The two new larger screw pumps, utilized alternately during heavy rainfall, have so far only been needed for flow rates of two million gallons per day, though they can handle a total of 50 million gallons per day. Installed in the wet well at an angle of 38 degrees, these larger pumps sit next to the workhorse pump that on average handles 850,000 gallons per day, but can go up to 1.38 million gallons per day.

Designed for trouble-free operation, with options for either an open or enclosed design, Lakeside Screw Pumps lift large quantities of water or wastewater at low heads for applications such as return activated sludge or storm water pumping. The Open Design consists of the spiral screw, upper and lower bearings and a drive arrangement, using a tube and spiral flights set in an open, inclined trough that permits both simplicity and reliability.

Lakeside's Enclosed Screw Pumps utilize the same operating principles, but are encased within a tube and use either rotating or stationary outer tubes inclined at up to 45o, allowing the shortest horizontal space required for a given lift.

The enclosed Type C Lakeside screw pumps, which were a drop-in replacement for the failed original internal-lift type pumps, have allowed the plant to get back to normal for the 4,000 residents of the town (plus 2,800 at a local state prison).

Once at the heart of the coal industry, Mahanoy City's wastewater that goes through to the combined sewer overflow, is all from domestic use.

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