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Hydrok 'off-site' CSO manufacturing solutions for Scottish Water

Posted: Wednesday 28th October 2015

In order to minimise 'on-site' health and safety risk, reduce 'on-site' costs, speed up installation time and, in many cases, reduce disruption to the general public, Scottish Water have adopted Hydrok's solution for the 'off-site' manufacture of bespoke stainless steel CSO chambers for several new CSO construction projects within the Glasgow area.

Working in association with George Lesley, Hydrok who utilise stainless steel for all their CSO screen solutions, fabricated a number of bespoke stainless steel chambers with the CSO screens pre-installed in readiness for speedy installation. At Corpus Christi, outside a primary school, a package chamber incorporating a 4.5m2 Static Peak Screen was rapidly installed during the school holidays, minimising disruption to the dual carriage way at the location. Similarly, a chamber containing a 6m2 Peak Screen was installed at the junction of Alderman Road with Hermitage Avenue. A Hydrok Mechanical Mecmex CSO screen and package stainless steel chamber assembly has also been installed at the junction of Love Street and New Sneddon Street in Paisley where a 3m long, 90 Mecmex was fitted. A future scheme is also planned for the installation of a 2m long 180 Mecmex at the junction of Dumbarton Road and Dyke Street in Glasgow by the end of October 2015.

The advantages of the 'off-site' method of manufacturer allow Hydrok to completely pre-fabricate the solution within their factory and include all of the necessary features such as weir walls, benching, access step rungs, safety chains etc; each package is then complete and ready for faster site installation.

Careful consideration of the screen and chamber design can also reduce the size of the final package which will reduce manufacture costs and the amount of site excavation compared to the traditional method of casting concrete, thus creating less site waste for disposal, allowing the employment of smaller cranes and consequently minimising the general disruption to local businesses and the general public. This stainless steel chamber approach also permits larger chambers to be constructed in sections which are then simply bolted together on site negating the need for 'over size' lorry transportation which would incur the inherent higher costs.

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