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HR Wallingford’s flood alleviation scheme in Chipping Campden prevents flooding

Posted: Wednesday 29th May 2013

HR Wallingford’s flood alleviation scheme has prevented potentially serious flooding of buildings at the Chipping Campden site of Campden BRI Campden BRI is a food and drink research association. The design of the flood alleviation scheme was both innovative and environmentally friendly, combining 2D modelling with best practice as developed by the Environment Agency.

During the second wettest year since 1910, Campden BRI’s new flood alleviation scheme prevented flooding of the site in November 2012. Campden BRI had experienced serious flooding on its site in 1998 and 2007, and as a result its buildings insurer wanted to withdraw cover for insurance. HR Wallingford designed a rerouted and expanded water channel which allowed flood water to be diverted around the Campden BRI site. It also suggested protecting the entrance road to the site with a sleeping policeman as this was a point of ingress for flood water onto the site. The 2007 flood was modelled using a 2D overland flow model. This model captured the flooding mechanisms onsite: in particular, runoff from road surfaces passing into the site and overtopping of culverts, which resulted in overland flow. The model was verified using photographs taken during the 2007 flood event before being used as a basis to design the alleviation scheme.

Richard Kellagher, Technical Director at HR Wallingford explains: “We applied the latest 2D modelling techniques to allow us to model not only the speed of water flow but exactly where the water would go. This allowed us to take into account the topography of the landscape on the site of Campden BRI. As a result we could design a solution that was both effective and which will support wildlife like water voles in the area.”

Mike Jeffries, Head of Engineering Services at Campden BRI compares the floods of 2007 and 2012: “In 2007, the site was knee deep in water, with over 4,000m2 of buildings flooded. As a result, we were faced with the risk of losing our insurance cover. HR Wallingford’s design of a new flood channel to divert flood water around the site and the introduction of a sleeping policeman to hold back water at the site entrance has meant that in the recent floods all buildings remained dry.”

Campden BRI commissioned HR Wallingford in 2008 to propose possible flood defence schemes. The current solutions were constructed in 2009.

HR Wallingford provides a world class flood management service that is founded in science and delivered in practice.

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