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Homeowners Harvest Rain and Flood Water with Hanson Formpave’s Aquaflow

Posted: Monday 17th November 2008

Hanson Formpave, manufacturers of specialist concrete paving products, has recently installed its industry-leading Aquaflow™ rainwater harvesting system and Aquapave™ block into a domestic driveway in Bristol with remarkable results. The homeowners have seen numerous benefits since installing the system including a large reduction in surface water build up that previously caused a flooding threat to their house, a constant supply of recycled water for non potable purposes such as watering the garden and washing the car, and the potential to dramatically reduce their water bills.

“We are absolutely delighted with our Aquaflow driveway and we have noticed a tremendous difference in the way rainwater is handled,” said homeowner Mrs Reed. “The way that our driveway slopes down towards our house from the road means that when it rained it would nearly always result in surface flooding and an inch of rainwater would collect outside our front door. Since we have had the new system installed, all of the rainwater filters down into the paving even during heavy downpours.”

The installation of the Aquaflow permeable paving and SUDS system into Mr and Mrs Reed’s driveway was affordable, quick and incredibly straightforward. The Aquapave block has gaps or slots at the sides of the block paving allowing water to infiltrate into the ground before being cleaned by Inbitex (a geotextile). The PH neutral water is then stored beneath the paving in a sub-base and can be pumped out when necessary via a tap or hosepipe.

“So far we have used the recycled water for topping up our pond and watering the garden. The driveway cost slightly more than a conventional paved surface but it is worth every penny. It is estimated that we will save a substantial amount of money on our water bills which will more than compensate for the initial cost,” added Mrs Reed.

Rob Skidmore, paving contractor at B2F Paving, recommended Aquaflow to his customers because of the unique advantages the system offers whilst still providing an aesthetically pleasing finish. “The Hanson Formpave permeable paving system delivers a number of benefits in comparison to other products on the market: the finish and look of the block paving is second to none and the gaps that enable the filtration of water through the surface are very subtle and neat. Another huge advantage is that the collected rainwater is cleaned before being stored, allowing effective water reuse.”

The Aquaflow water harvesting system has been incredibly successful in the commercial market for around 12 years with leading business such as Tesco benefiting from the solution. More recently, Hanson Formpave has launched Aquapave, the 60mm paving block, that when coupled with Aquaflow provides an effective rainwater harvesting system for domestic installations so that homeowners can also benefit from the environmentally friendly paving system.

Recycle and Reuse Water at Home

The system involves linking the roofs and paths through the Aquaflow permeable pavement (the drive) and into the void sub-base. The rainfall (run-off) is stored within this ‘reservoir’ area with all surplus being discharged into a sump. The sump contains a pump, which will allow the harvested water to be dispensed via a tap and hosepipe. Even during times of heavy rainfall, this system works efficiently and has the added advantage of operating as a floodwater control method.

There are significant benefits to customers who install the Aquaflow Water Harvesting System - it is affordable to install, reduces the mains water consumption of the household and cuts the cost in water bills. Another advantage is that the system can deliver water for use even when there is a hosepipe ban, as the tank operates as a subterranean water butt. With a wide choice in colours and finishes also available in the Aquapave range, an excellent selection of paving solutions is available for the domestic sector.

About Hanson Formpave

Hanson Formpave manufactures a wide range of standard and specialist concrete block pavers, permeable pavers, kerb systems and ancillaries. Located in Coleford, Gloucestershire, Hanson Formpave’s works is one of the most sophisticated of its type in Europe. Hanson Formpave has BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Assurance accreditation and is a BSI registered company. Total flexibility and the ability to produce bespoke colours and surface textures makes Hanson Formpave the ideal paving partner - for all concrete block paving applications, from car parks, industrial estates, retail centres, to pedestrian areas, domestic drives, garage forecourts and other heavy duty applications.

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