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Homeowner Recycles and Reuses Rainwater

Posted: Wednesday 19th August 2009

Hanson Formpave, manufacturers of specialist concrete paving products, has recently installed its industry-leading Aquaflow™ permeable paving and rainwater harvesting system at a house in Bristol. Hanson Formpave’s SUDS solution complies with the Government’s Future Water strategy and will save the homeowner substantial amounts of money on mains water bills. The integrated permeable paving system also provides a constant supply of recycled water for non-potable purposes and eliminates any risk of flooding.

The multi functional Aquaflow system has been installed in all external front and side areas of the home and is paved with Aquasett and Chartres paving blocks to provide an excellent, aesthetically pleasing finish. “I had been looking for permeable paving for some time so was delighted when I found the Hanson Formpave system and heard more about how it works. I am now able to harvest rainwater and can reuse it in my garden easily and efficiently.” said the homeowner Jane Spindler. “As well as providing an ideal environmental solution for my property, it looks great and I couldn't be more pleased with it.”

Rainwater run off from the roof of the house is also harvested into the Aquaflow system, recycling even more rainwater for reuse. At the surface the gaps at the sides of the paving blocks allow water to infiltrate into the ground before being cleaned by Inbitex, the geotextile layer. The PH neutral water is then stored beneath the paving in a sub-base tank and can be pumped out when necessary via a tap or hosepipe for garden and car cleaning use. Even during times of heavy rainfall, this system works efficiently and has the added advantage of operating as a floodwater control method.

There are significant benefits to homeowners who install the Aquaflow Water Harvesting System - it is affordable to install, reduces the mains water consumption of the household and cuts the cost in water bills. Another advantage is that the system can deliver water for use even when there is a hosepipe ban, as the tank operates as a subterranean water butt.

Installation of the Aquaflow permeable paving and SUDS system at Jane Spindler’s property was affordable, quick and incredibly straightforward. “I have installed Formpave’s Aquaflow SUDS system numerous times now and it is an excellent solution that performs remarkably well. I had no hesitation in specifying and laying it again,” said Rob Skidmore, paving contractor at Back to Front Landscapes. “Permeable driveways are more and more in demand due to the change in the legislation and in my opinion Hanson Formpave’s Aquaflow is the most reliable, aesthetically pleasing and efficient solution on the market.”

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