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Hidrostal's pumps redeem BraintreeTPS from worst performing asset status

Posted: Tuesday 20th February 2018

Hidrostal Ltd, renowned specialist pump manufacturers for the wastewater industry, has once again provided Anglian Water with the solution to reverse the trend on another of their worst performing asset pumping stations. That is, a pumping station identified with repeated reactive maintenance costs far outweighing the initial purchase cost of the pump unit.

Braintree Marks Farm Terminal Pumping Station in Essex, was a frequent bugbear to Anglian Water's maintenance and standards performance team. Regular large accumulation of rag laden media plagued the station to such an extent that Anglian Water had adopted an operation philosophy whereby the blanket of rags was strategically controlled between two levels. This was to avoid the potential for blocking the current pumps installed. Frustratingly however, the pumps still blocked, and wet well cleans were increased to once a month to prevent flooding of the well through non-operation.

Hidrostal has worked with Anglian Water on similar poorly performing pumping stations and resolved their issues for them by trialling a Hidrostal pump at the troublesome sites.

It was apparent that Braintree TPS was a fitting candidate for trial and assessment, so Hidrostal worked with Anglian Water to select an 11kw pump for the site. Hidrostal's single screw centrifugal impeller design was chosen because of its increased free passage capabilities whilst retaining a high level of hydraulic efficiency. In direct comparison to the pump model it replaced, there was an installed power saving of 2.5kW and almost twice the solids handling capability on free passage throughput.

Hidrostal pump on trial at Braintree TPS Braintree TPS is a twin pump wet well station on a duty / standby alternating cycle mounted on guide rails for permanent installation. The Hidrostal replacement pump was retrofitted with minimal disruption to the existing installation.

The Hidrostal centrifugal screw impeller was chosen for an initial trial to run for a period of 90 days, whilst one of the originally installed pumps was retained for comparison. On completion of the 90 day trial the Hidrostal pump performed best overall, with no blockages. After a further extended period of operation over 12 months the decision was made to leave the Hidrostal pump in place and purchase another unit. The results indicated Hidrostal provided a more reliable, robust pump which is better suited to sites with high rag/solids content and could reduce or eliminate ragging issues.

The telemetry systems and data collected helped identify which, how often, and what contribution each made in terms of running time, blockages and energy consumption. Powerful statistics for a data rich world. These statistics showed that this particular selection provided additional benefits to the site operation which resulted in lower pumping kW/hours per day for an equal number of start cycles, minimal variation in forward flow and less effect on performance through wear due to the steep hydraulic curve design.

Hidrostal are delighted that once again their solution proved to be the right one for Anglian Water and prove that their pumps remain the preferred choice for pumping high rag laden media.

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