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Hidrostal’s pump passes peas for Pinguin

Posted: Thursday 20th August 2015

Hidrostal Ltd, the UK distributor for the major Swiss pump manufacturer, have provided an international processor of fresh to frozen vegetables with the perfect pump for passing peas.

Pinguin Foods is a leading, international processor of harvest fresh vegetables priding itself on delivering fresh to frozen produce which are tasty, healthy and of the highest quality. Pinguin is an independent division of the major European Food Group, Greenyard Foods, which processes over 400,000 tonnes of product annually over 11 production sites.

At Pinguin’s site in Boston Lincolnshire, the company utilises a field to fork approach which encompasses the washing, de-stoning, separation, blanching and freezing of raw vegetables. Hidrostal’s “F” type pumps, ideally suited for food processing, are employed to transfer the field harvested peas directly with the use of recycled mains water as the motive media.

Pea season typically runs from June until August where the produce is being transferred at a rate of up to 10 tonnes per hour per line during this period. The process involves peas picked fresh from the fields which are then put through an ongoing process to remove, silt, stones soil and loose pods and skins before entering the blanching and freezing process.

This solution allows the vegetable produce to be pumped and piped to its destination in favour of an open belt conveyor system, which under these open environment circumstances would be susceptible to contamination, debris and product loss. In addition it has the added benefit of allowing Pinguin to retain the main road through its premises and not affect the traffic and transport of product across its yard.

The Hidrostal pumped option was selected due to its proven ability to handle and transfer delicate product with zero damage due to its low velocity and low shear design hydraulics whilst retaining optimum efficiency and maximum energy saving.

After Pea season the same pumps are then used to transfer cauliflower and broccoli florets with the same level of output and accuracy. These pumps are critical to the successful continuation of the entire production cycle.

Barry Cooper, Engineering Stores Manager for Pinguin enthused:“Hidrostal’s pumps have proved extremely reliable with minimal maintenance required. They need to be reliable otherwise production stops.”

Hidrostal Ltd are delighted that their pumps have functioned so well for Pinguin and ensured the safe and speedy processing of peas from production to our plates!

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