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Hidrostal Solves Anglian Water Issue at East Coastal Site

Posted: Monday 6th June 2016

Hidrostal Ltd, the UK sales division of the renowned specialist pump manufacturer for the wastewater industry, has provided Anglian Water with a proven solution for a particularly problematic Sewage Pumping Station on the East Anglian Coast.

Corton Church Lane Terminal Pumping Station handles sewage from the Lowestoft area. The Wet Well Submersible Station had been experiencing reduction in its forward flow capacity due to constant pump blockages at the station.

The Planned Maintenance Schedule for the site was not sufficient to keep the wet well clean and free of rags. This had resulted in numerous call outs, monthly tankering and wet well cleans to try and keep the site operating at its desired capacity. The culmination of all these issue's was disastrous for Anglian Water's Totex model, resulting in ever increasing energy consumption and a drain on the labour resource at the site.

The installed pump base at Corton Church consisted of three varying types. The choice of pump had previously been influenced by a range of criteria, from solids and rag handling capabilities, free passage, hydraulic efficiency, lowest specific energy, or simply just what the original contract stipulated. Each of these pumps would vary in their ability to handle rags and cope with the arduous conditions in the well. After numerous pumps, impellers and hydraulic designs had been tested on site, with limited success, the Water Utility continued to seek a sustainable solution.

Following consultations with pump suppliers, Anglian Water decided to run a 3 month trial at the problem site. Hidrostal were selected and delighted to offer their assistance, providing the Utility with a pump incorporating their unique patented single screw centrifugal impeller, which is renowned for its increased free passage capabilities, ensuring that its ability to pump raw unscreened sewage is second to none.

The Hidrostal pump was placed into the wet well along with two of the original pumps which were retained for comparative purposes. The original pumps were of a vortex design and an adapted cutter type. The pumps were then monitored for a period of 3 months by telemetry systems and the data which was collected helped identify which, how often, and what, contributions each pump made in terms of running time, blockages and energy consumption.

At the end of the trial the data was analysed with the result that the Hidrostal pump had performed to the highest standard overall with no blockages at all during the time period. Furthermore Hidrostal's pump also delivered the added benefit of a reduction in energy consumption.

Anglian Water were so impressed with the benefits of Hidrostal's centrifugal screw impeller that, after a further extended period of operation, the decision was made to change the two remaining pumps in the well to the Hidrostal screw centrifugal impeller design. Since this installation a dramatic reduction has been made in the number of call outs as well as labour costs towards maintenance and a review of the wet well cleaning process which will further reduce the total costs associated with running this particular submersible sewage pumping station.

Lee Barrett, the Maintenance Performance & Standard Engineers for Corton Church was delighted that the ongoing problems at the site have now been resolved. He states After concluding the trial the results indicated that in this instance the Hidrostal solution provided a reliable, robust pump suited to sites with high rags/solids content. After testing various pumps of a similar size we were unable to find another pump which could cope with the conditions. The high frequency of failures, ongoing running costs & downtime were simply not sustainable.

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