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Hanson Formpave Installs Geothermal Permeable Paving at Local Groundwork Trust

Posted: Friday 9th October 2009

Hanson Formpave, manufacturers of specialist concrete paving products, has recently had its new and unique Aquaflow Thermapave Energy System installed into the car parking areas of the Groundwork Cresswell, Ashfield & Mansfield’s head offices in Clowne, Derbyshire with excellent results. Groundwork, as approved contractors for Hanson, installed the innovative system on its own premises. Harvested and cleaned rainwater for reuse, a proven flood prevention solution, and reduced energy costs and water bills are just some of the high impact benefits already being gained from the environmentally friendly permeable paving and geothermal implementation.

Groundwork is an environmental regeneration charity dedicated to supporting and sustaining vibrant, healthy and safe communities through delivering projects that tackle regeneration, environmental and educational issues. At the head offices in Clowne, the Trust had already implemented numerous ‘green’ technologies within the building including solar thermal panels, Air Source Heat Pumps and PV cells to demonstrate the greener future as endorsed by the charity.

With the installation of the Aquaflow Thermapave Energy System, the integrated Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) and rainwater harvesting solution completed the portfolio of environmentally friendly systems and provided Groundwork with a route in tackling global climate change challenges and carbon footprint reduction.

“There were a number of reasons that we wanted to install a GSHP and rainwater harvesting system, the environmental benefits are obvious but we were also having a major problem with flooding in our sloping car park,” said Darren Pollard, construction manager at Groundwork. “Since the Aquaflow Thermapave Energy System has been installed we haven’t had any issues with flooding and the under floor heating that is sourced from the GSHP provides a reliable, comfortable and constant temperature. “

The Trust’s headquarters are built around a quadrangle with a large courtyard and a sloping car park. More than 300m2 of Red Brindle Aquaflow permeable paving was laid to eradicate the flooding issues, with an impermeable liner and subbase underneath to harvest and clean rainwater for secondary use. The subbase also provides the ideal laying environment for the collector loops of the geothermal system. Integrated with a 6KW ‘Disme’ system, the GSHP now provides full comfort heating, via a newly laid under floor heating system, to the refurbished annex of the building at a substantially lower cost to conventional heating systems and significantly reducing the carbon emissions of the building. This forms part of a greater redevelopment of the building that will now be used as a training centre for both adults and young people in the area of construction skills, amongst other things. Groundwork provides trainees with the chance to put into practice what they learn on real working projects, such as installing the Aquaflow Thermapave Energy System.

“The retrofit of the Aquaflow Thermapave Energy System at this site is an excellent example of the versatility of the solution and demonstrates the remarkable results and benefits that can be gained,” said Roger Garrett, Hanson energy renewables manager at Hanson Formpave. “In this case up to 6KW of heating or cooling energy can be produced from a much smaller area than by any other means by using the Aquaflow paving installation and this is more than enough power to maintain a comfortable year round temperature - all with the added benefit of a water harvesting and storm management solution incorporated. This applies from this small project to large commercial schemes”

Hanson Formpave partnered with renewable specialist Radiant Heating Solutions to design the complete system from the subbase through to the under floor heating to provide a total thermal solution. The heat pump aspect was something quite new to team at Groundworks. To assist the installation team, Radiant were regularly on site to give technical guidance and advice. On completion Radiant assisted the installers throughout the commissioning process.

“We are really pleased with the system and already realising a return on our investment. It has been great to partner with such enthusiastic and knowledgeable companies in Radiant Heating Solutions and Hanson Formpave, so that we could fully meet our strategy in running an office that meets our carbon neutral policy,” concluded Darren.

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