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Hanson Formpave Drives Aquaflow into Florida

Posted: Friday 12th June 2009

Major Installation Completed atToyotaGarage in Partnership with Hanson Hardscapes.

Hanson Formpave, manufacturers of specialist concrete paving products, in conjunction with its North American licensee Hanson Hardscapes, has completed its first major installation of its industry leading Aquaflow™ permeable paving at a car dealership, in Florida.

The Toyota of Stewart dealership in Palm Beach required extended parking space for vehicle stock and additional customer parking at its 3-acre site with paving that efficiently handles rainwater runoff. Almost 4,000m2 of Hanson Formpave’s Aquaflow permeable paving was specified for the car parking areas to provide a practical and hard wearing surface whilst offering an aesthetically pleasing finish. The patented Aquaflow permeable paving and SUDS solution manages rain and storm water, capturing run off and preventing surface water build up, as specified at the project.

The Hanson Formpave system at the Toyota site allows rain to infiltrate through a permeable concrete block paved surface into a unique stone sub-base where it is cleaned, by filtration and microbial action, before being released in a controlled manner into sewers or watercourses, or infiltrated directly into the sub-grade. Aquaflow paving blocks were used in conjunction with the infiltration system at the site that provide drainage through vertical channels and allow water through the surface at a rate of approximately 9000mm per hour (9000 litres per m2 per hour).

Installation of Formpave’s unique Aquaflow permeable paving and SUDS system replicates a natural drainage cycle and so the requirement for a pond or any other wetland or swale is completely eliminated.

“Maximising the land use was an essential requirement for our customer,” said Pete Zingerella, director of sales at Hanson Hardscapes. “The Aquaflow SUDS system allowed the owner of the car dealership to use his land in a more productive and lucrative way, while reducing spend on conventional storm water management tools.”

A three colour blend of blocks - red, yellow and charcoal - was installed onsite and the paving was laid at an average daily laying rate of 300m2 per day. The Geotextile was firstly installed on the bottom and the sides followed by 6” of 10-63mm, another layer of Geotextile was installed followed by 2” of 5-20mm. Pavers were then laid on the surface and all work was completed on time and to budget.

Steve Spikes, development director at Hanson Formpave, said, “We are seeing a significant growth in our overseas licensee business. Appointing Hanson Pavers in Florida allows us to serve local specifiers and architects provide clients with a proven, affordable and user friendly paving alternative that has excellent ‘green’ credentials.”

Hanson Formpave manufactures the market leading Aquaflow™ Permeable Paving and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), providing an affordable solution to the challenges of storm water disposal and treatment, water conservation, recycling and reuse. The company’s patented Aquaflow paving system delivers immediate environmental benefits and financial savings, when compared to traditional drainage. The system can also be used to harvest and reuse all water that falls on hard surfaces such as roofs and car parks, representing additional environmental benefits and cost savings.

Hanson Hardscapes is Hanson Formpave’s approved licensee in Florida. Please visit for more information.

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