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H2O Innovation’s Specialty Chemicals Selected to Protect the Membranes at the Largest Desalination Plant in the World

Posted: Friday 10th September 2021

H2O Innovation's specialty chemical business line has been selected to provide antiscalant to the world’s largest seawater reverse osmosis (“SWRO”) desalination plant. Operated by ACWA Power, a leading developer, investor and operator of long-term contracted power generation and desalinated water projects worldwide, the Taweelah plant is designed to treat 240 MGD (909 000 m3/day). The plant is located in the United Arab Emirates.

H2O Innovation’s Piedmont business had previously secured the sale of its fiberglass reinforced plastic (“FRP”) cartridge filter housings to the plant. Through a highly competitive bid process, which considered the complete technical offering, logistics, dosage, and price, the Corporation’s unique dendrimer-based SpectraGuardTM 100 was selected as the optimal chemical to inhibit membrane scaling and fouling at this mega-desalination plant. The product’s high level of functional end groups on SpectraGuardTM 100’s molecular surface binds up hardness to disperse silt and inorganic colloids, while the internal cavities sequester organic molecules, making the product ideal for seawater applications.

“ACWA Power’s mission is to reliably and responsibly deliver power and desalinated water at low cost, and we are achieving this by collaborating with highly specialized companies to engineer the most superior technological and technical solutions. Taweelah is the world’s largest SWRO desalination plant and H2O Innovation were chosen for their high quality, antiscalant product expertise which is essential to ensure that the water desalination process is safe, usable and energy efficient. Working with partners like SEPCO 3 and Abengoa, our joint EPC contractor at Taweelah and H2O Innovation, we are harnessing private sector ingenuity to enable our continued growth as a company driving the transition to a greener, cleaner future”, stated Rajit Nanda, Chief Portfolio Management Officer and Acting Chief Information Officer of ACWA Power.

“It is a notable accomplishment by our Specialty Products pillar to secure the supply of both filter housings for the capital equipment project and chemicals for the ongoing treatment of Taweelah. This is an example of the broad scope of value we offer our global customers, and the synergies we realize through collaboration among the businesses of our second pillar. This type of large desalination business would not be possible without the support of our solid international network of business partners and distributors. In the case of Taweelah, much of the credit for our success goes to our distributor in UAE with proximity to the end user, our team and business partner in Spain who have strong relationships with the Spanish engineering companies, and our distributor and licensed manufacturer in India, Vasu Chemicals, who submitted the antiscalant proposal”, added Frédéric Dugré, President and Chief Executive Officer of H2O Innovation.

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