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Posted: Friday 3rd July 2009

Bacterial remediation expert, Environmental Biotech, has been instrumental in helping Asda Supermarket in its efforts to stop used fats, oils and grease (FOG) blocking sewers across the country. In doing so, Environmental Biotech has helped Asda attain the first ever Green Ladle Award, a new recognition for environmental champions.

Developed in association with Anglian Water with support from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, the acknowledgment is a result of Asda’s work with Environmental Biotech, Anglian Water and Chelmsford Borough Council in ensuring best practice for the disposal of FOG. Since initial trials the system has been rolled out to all of Asda’s 359 stores.

Environmental Biotech uses specially grown live vegetative bacteria to digest the fat that coagulates and blocks drains causing floods and hygiene problems for commercial premises and householders and affects the sewer networks essential to public health. Environmental Biotech is working nation wide with local authorities to remedy the problem.

Alongside environmental health concerns, financial considerations are also important; at any one time, 10% of the sewer network is clogged with FOG. Jetting out these sewers costs £5million a year in the Anglian Water region alone. Reducing these overheads helps keep council tax bills down.

Aziz Tejpar, Chief Executive of Environmental Biotech, said: “We work closely with Anglian Water to reduce the health risks of blocked drains caused by the build up of FOG. Education and awareness campaigns are vital to reduce the enormous costs of blockages. The first presentation to ASDA of the Green Ladle Award recognises their preventive maintenance policy that includes the Environmental Biotech system to ensure first class hygiene for their own premises and to protect the communities which they serve."

Jonson Cox, Group Chief Executive of Anglian Water, said: “We must not under estimate the very real dilemma that irresponsible disposal of fats, oils and grease, poses. It is essential that the network works as efficiently as possible, and that we do all we can to protect it. We applaud ASDA for the part they are playing and we have great pleasure in presenting them with the very first Green Ladle Environmental Champions Award, an award that we hope to see in shops, restaurants and takeaways across the country in recognition of their work.”

Paul Kelly, Director of Corporate Affairs for ASDA, said: “We're delighted to receive this award. It's great recognition of all the hard work both ourselves and our colleagues at City Facilities Management have put in over the years to resolve this issue. It goes to show what can be achieved when you put your mind to it, and the importance of tackling these things in a coordinated and strategic way."

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