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DYNATITE sealing plugs for largest immersion tunnel

Posted: Wednesday 5th May 2010

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going", that seems to be the slogan of Beele Engineering when it comes to offering gas and watertight sealing solutions. More than 35 years ago the company started with gastight penetrations for utility pipes, preventing gas explosions due to leaking gas inlets. The latest specialist sealing concerns the immersion tunnel near the South-Korean city of Busan that is being immersed by Mergor, a subsidiary of Strukton. The deepest element of this tunnel was placed recently at a depth of 50 metres.

The Geoje Fixed Link connects the second capital of South Korea, Busan, with the Geoje peninsula, reducing the travel time between the two from 2.5 hours to just 50 minutes. The tunnel is 3.2 kilometres long. For the watertight sealing of pipe penetrations the Dynatite system of Beele Engineering is used.

Prior to the field application, tests were carried out to determine the max. pressure load of this advanced sealing plug. The plug was tested under a pressure load of 1400 kg (14 kN). The pressure test was even continued with higher loads to determine the max. compression of the plug. Even at the extremely high pressure load of more than 18 kN (equalling a pressure of 27.5 bar!) the profiling of the Dynatite plug hadnít reached bulk modulus and thefore could be compressed even further.


The Dynatite system was developed for applications where a high degree of (instantaneous) tightness is required. The Dynatite plugs are compressible, can easily withstand shock pressure loads of more than 150 psi (10 bar) and will return to their original shape after shock pressure. The dynamic compression of the plug is based on the high-tech rubber grade and the engineered profiling.

Beele Engineering is market leader in the field of sealing solutions for the fire safe and gas and watertight sealing of pipe and cable penetrations. This position is based on the companyís ongoing R&D and innovation, advanced manufacturing technology and first class service. All Beele's the products are developed and manufactured on the basis of an integrated approach to fire safety. All components are made in the companyís own factory under stringent ISO quality system.

Mergor, a subsidiary of Strukton, is specialised in immersion projects. Itís field of activities includes the engineering and preparations for immersed tunnel projects, as well as their execution and the relevant matching marine activities. All activities are performed by a team of highly qualified specialists, each of whom has a thorough understanding of the importance of a smooth immersion operation.

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