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Posted: Monday 6th February 2012

Durapipe’s specialist dual contained pipework system, Guardian, has been installed as part of an upgrade to a booster pump station in Manchester.

Audenshaw Booster Pump Station delivers drinking water into North West water company United Utilities’ Manchester ring main from the Thirlmere Aqueduct. Following a review, it became apparent that the phosphate dosing operation at the site was in need of attention, in particular, the existing pipework carrying the aqueous solution of sodium orthophosphate from the glass reinforced plastic storage tanks to the dosing rig.

To protect the pump station dosing system from any potential chemical leakage, a secondary contained pipework system was to be installed, in accordance with United Utilities’ standard specification requirements.

After investigating a variety of different options for secondary contained pipework systems, contractors Byzak opted for the Durapipe Guardian system due to the flexibility of its usage and the assistance available from the Durapipe technical support team.

In addition, Byzak required a dual contained system which could incorporate valves within the system. After discussing its requirements with the Durapipe technical team, a Durapipe electrically actuated valve was recommended to best suit the application. The valve was mounted inside a PVC-U secondary containment box and Durapipe designed a simple and effective arrangement to locate the valve actuator outside the containment, to ensure it would not be affected by any leakage.

Using a flow-paced delivery system, the dosing rig at Audenshaw deploys a dosing pump to deliver a measured amount of sodium into the water main, where it mixes with the drinking water supplied to every household served by the pumping station. The sodium orthophosphate chemically reacts with the inner surface of any lead piping with the properties served, forming a barrier coating which prevents the lead from dissolving into the drinking water. Byzak Limited installed the Durapipe Guardian pipework system to transfer the sodium orthophosphate from the storage tanks to the dosing rig, using 1” carrier pipe in 3” containment pipe.

Changes that arose during the refurbishment required a section of Durapipe Guardian to be reinstalled at a lower elevation, but this was carried out with ease, testament to the system’s simplicity and flexibility.

Project manager at Byzak, Peter Glynn, said: “When we began searching for secondary contained pipework systems, we were surprised at the lack of industry standardisation and the difficulty this presented in finalising our design. However, Durapipe’s website was very helpful and the technical support team was excellent in providing solutions to the issues we raised with them, enabling us to design a secondary contained pipework system utilising Durapipe Guardian, which was installed with ease.

“We have been impressed with the system’s ability to accommodate valves and despite our initial concerns when it became clear the pipework would have to be moved to a lower level, we were delighted to be able to reinstall it efficiently and with ease. In addition, we have been very pleased that Durapipe UK took our basic verbal description and brief and translated it into the effective engineering solution we needed.”

Incorporating a patented Centralok™ system, Durapipe Guardian is the only dual containment system which provides a solid inner pipe fitting, making it easier to install as the inner pipe is in a fixed position and can be easily jointed, compared with alternative dual containment products where the inner section moves freely.

Manufactured in PVC-U material, Durapipe Guardian allows the safe transportation of different fluids and some chemical concentrates without fear of corrosion and environmental pollution. Durapipe Guardian is available in sizes from ½”#2” up to 8”#12”.

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