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Posted: Monday 16th June 2014

Water Company contractor DrainsAid now claims to have used over 1000 of Flexseal’s multibush product since its launch in 2012.

“We’ve found this product to be highly adaptive to enable us to carry out repairs to a wide variety of pipe sizes,” stated DrainsAid Commercial Manager, John Sugrue. “We can carry fewer couplings and adaptors on our vans, but be confident that we can make a repair to water company standards, regardless of what we find when we start digging.”

There are two multibush products available, one for DN100 pipes and the other for DN150. When used in conjunction with just one Standard Coupling per size – the SC137 for 100mm pipes and the SC200 for 150mm pipes – a wide range of applications can be covered, including connecting pipes of different materials. Each multibush can perform the job of three traditional bushes: it replaces 3, 6 and 9mm bushes for 100mm pipes and 4, 8 and 12mm bushes for 150mm.

“There’s also no wastage with the multibush – you use just what you need,” added John. “If you’re using the bush at 3 or 6mm or at 4 or 8mm, you cut the excess off and keep it for future use. Effectively, you’ve got an extra bush for when you need one of that size. It makes the product very cost effective and versatile for us, which is very important when dealing with the range of pipe sizes that we inevitably encounter whilst repairing varying sizes of pipes.”

DrainsAid were introduced to the multibush by their preferred merchant, Jewson. Phil Robinson, General Manager of Jewson Leeds Cluster, explained, “As soon as Flexseal launched the product, we could see its potential. With the volume of work that DrainsAid undertakes for water companies, it was the ideal product for them to keep to hand”. They adopted the product straight away and have used it ever since.

Using a multibush with a Standard Coupling achieves a connection to WIS 4-41-01 standards, as a shear band is included in the joint. “With the adoption of private sewers in 2011, so much more of the network must be maintained to water company standards,” commented John. “A Standard Coupling and bush is the only option to guarantee that we’re carrying out the work in the way that’s expected of us. Our operators keep multibushes with them so that they can tackle any situation they face without compromise.”

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