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‘Die Hard’ Tsurumi pump still providing consistent service after 22 years

Posted: Monday 23rd August 2010

A Tsurumi pump has continuously served the Dutch rental market since Bruce Willis took the global box office by storm in ‘Die Hard’. And just like the ‘Die Hard’ movies, Tsurumi’s pump is still going strong. But there is no time to celebrate two decades in the business, even now the pump is demanded by customers for a range of construction and maintenance projects in theNetherlands.

The pump in question is an LB250 submersible pump, which stopped being produced over a decade ago. It is thought to be the longest-serving Tsurumi pump in Europe. Verno BV, the pump’s owner, says its long service record is a product of its versatility, robust design and excellent build quality.

Pumping equipment has some of the widest uses in the construction industry. Both above and below ground, pumps are the unsung heroes of many development and maintenance projects. In addition, they often suffer the most; working in highly unforgiving situations – such as submerged in mixed concrete - and transporting all manner of refuse and residue. In general pumping equipment will often only last for up to ten years.

But the Tsurumi LB250 belonging to Verno BV has not only been in use for 22 years, it has also never needed a major repair.

Henk Reitsma, managing director of Verno BV, says there are several reasons for the long lasting, faultless operation of Tsurumi pumps.

“Firstly, what we hear about most withy Tsurumi pumps is that their design allows them to perform in just about any application – their versatility seems boundless,” says Mr Reitsma. “If a customer has used a pump from another manufacturer, they immediately see the difference with the Tsurumi. Its overall quality and strength is clear. And the uncomplicated and robust design of the pumps means they are highly effective with little that can go wrong. Maintenance is very easy. We just check oil levels and the mechanical seal. If a repair is ever needed, it’s normally a standard wear issue. In fact the biggest problem we have with the pumps not working is when a customer drives over them – something that has happened on more than one occasion!”

Verno BV provides pumping solutions to a wide variety of projects in the Netherlands, from standard construction to more unique applications. Since joining the company’s fleet in 1988, the LB250 pump has been used in an array of projects in the Netherlands, from tunnel constructions through to the maintenance of historic buildings. In 1993, for example, the pump was used in the construction of two major aqueduct projects located in Grou and Akkrum in the north of the country. By comparison, this weekend the 22-year old pump has been hired for an opening ceremony at NHL University in Leeuwarden. It is working with seven other Tsurumi pumps to create a water curtain affect to mark the opening of a new building.

Stefan Hörnschemeyer, marketing manager at Tsurumi Europe, is delighted with the pump’s service record.

“We pride ourselves on the reliability and efficiency of our pumps and this achievement is evidence of the high level of quality instilled in their design,” he says. “The LB250 pump stopped being produced before I started working here five years ago. When I was told about it still running, I had to ask what it was. I am delighted to add this 22-year record to our capabilities and look forward to celebrating the quarter of a century landmark for this pump.”

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