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Demand for Fuzzy Filter increases as Anglian Framework awarded

Posted: Friday 13th June 2014

Ever-more stringent wastewater discharge consents being set by the Environment Agency are seeing Water & Sewerage Companies challenged with phosphorus limits of less than 1 mg/l and ever-tightening iron consents.

EPS Group are responding to the resultant increase in demand for effective tertiary treatment solutions using the Fuzzy Filter compressible media filtration technology. EPS have recently been appointed to Anglian Water’s new Tertiary Solids Removal Framework and are in the process of delivering the first major Fuzzy Filter installation for Severn Trent Water.

Compressible media filters have been providing effective tertiary treatment around the globe for almost 20 years, but in recent years the Fuzzy Filter has been refined to provide further-optimised performance. The system has a number of distinct advantages over its continuous sand filter and graduated media filter counterparts:

• Adjustable compression allows for operators to optimise flux rates according to flow and solids loading or to limit energy consumption

• High flux rates result in smaller filtration units, offering reduced footprint, reduced pumping head, ease of access, less working at height and fewer planning issues

• High performance filtration and effective backwashing with no loss of upstream process flow

• Upward-flow filtration results in progressively increasing media density within the column, mimicking the benefits of a graduated media system

• Reduced pumping costs resulting in lower Opex out-turns

• No washwater supply required

• No clogging and no digging out of media

• Longer-life synthetic media and simple media changeover process

EPS – in partnership with the European licence-holders, Bosman Water Management – are using their MEICA integration skills to offer it to the market as a turnkey suspended solids removal solution, or in conjunction with its novel chemical dosing solution for phosphorus and iron floc removal.

The Anglian Water framework runs for an initial three-year period, with an option to extend for up to seven further years. The adoption of Fuzzy Filter follows on-site trials to assess its suitability in addressing the EA’s demands for more stringent consents for discharging treated wastewater into water bodies under the National Environment Programme.

According to Shaun Stevens, EPS Business Development Manager, this award provides an important springboard for the delivery of tertiary treatment solutions going into AMP6: “We are seeing a rapidly-increasing number of wastewater treatment works with demanding consents for solids, phosphorus and iron across the UK. Tertiary filtration is going to play a major role in the delivery of successful outcomes across the AMP6 investment programmes and we are well-positioned to respond to the needs of our WaSC customers using the Fuzzy Filter technology.”

“This framework award further enhances our strengthening relationship with Anglian Water and the @One Alliance, consolidating our presence there and enabling us to further commit our resources towards delivering their remaining AMP5 and future AMP6 investment programmes.”

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