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Culligan UK ensures critical research is unaffected during water treatment plant installation

Posted: Tuesday 8th May 2012

Cancer Research UK is a world-leading research organisation working tirelessly to discover new ways to prevent, treat and diagnose cancer.

One of their Laboratories, Clare Hall at South Mimms in Hertfordshire, is devoted to understanding the basic biology of cancers.

In order to ensure the validity of the research experiments, it is necessary for them to be carried out using different grades of water. This was successfully achieved by Culligan providing a series of treatment options.

Firstly, the water is softened to remove the hardness salts. It is then passed through a reverse osmosis unit to remove 98% of the dissolved solids. Finally, point of use devices deliver the water quality required for the individual laboratory use.

The first water softener unit was installed by Culligan in 1987 and was subsequently upgraded and expanded in 2000. The installation of a second unit increased capacity. However, by the end of 2010 the water usage had again increased and further softening capacity was required.

Cancer Research UK’s maintenance engineer Mark Kitchenham contacted Culligan and after a detailed inspection it was agreed that a third water softener was required in addition to replacing the original unit. However, the complication was that softened water was now required at all times. It was crucial that no interruption to supply could be tolerated.

In order to provide sufficient space in the plant room it was necessary to remove some obsolete equipment and relocate other equipment. A new Culligan HiFlo 3 duplex was installed and commissioned before the original unit was removed and replaced with a second HiFlo3 duplex.

In addition, new four inch pipework was installed and improvements made to the bulk salt saturator system.

The whole exercise was completed with in 14 days without any interruption to the softened water supply.

Mark Kitchenham commented: “Culligan worked with me on the initial project and were instrumental in providing a solution that satisfied all the issues. We worked together during the installation phase to ensure there was no disruption to the laboratories softened water supply.”

He continues: “The work conducted at the Clare Hall Laboratories is vital in the fight against cancer. Culligan UK worked closely with us to ensure that we have a continuous and uninterrupted supply of treated water both now and in the future. Their assistance was invaluable.”

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