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Posted: Thursday 19th January 2017

Bellway Homes, which over the past 70 years has grown from a small, family-owned firm to one of the most successful house builders in the UK, wanted to build a new housing development on a plot of land at Oxlease Farm Cuperham Lane in Romsey to the north of Southampton. The site bordered an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) canal and required stringent measures to meet Environment Agency requirements for the protection for the canal even before site works commenced.

Harry Long, engineering manager for Bellway Homes Wessex region, researched potential solutions and found Naylor Environmental's Smart Sponge technology. He quickly realised that a simple standard solution was available which could treat all of the site run-off utilising both the Smart Sponge and Enviroflow technologies available from Naylor.

Mike Mayock, Managing Director of Mackoy Groundworks and Civil Engineering Ltd, the company responsible for the pre build groundworks operations, said: "During the initial set up stage we investigated several options however none complied with requirements and this lead to on-site meetings with Naylor Environmental which offered solutions with various products for the site. The Naylor Aquavoid attenuation and infiltration technology as well as the Naylor Enviroflow technology for filtering any contaminated sediment were immediately recognised as the perfect solutions engineered to enhance the company's Smart Sponge Filter Chamber unit as discussed and agreed with Harry Long."


The Smart Filter Chamber units were chosen and positioned so that all of the water run-off from the site would pass through the Enviroflow product to filter out the majority of the fines and then through the Smart Filter Chamber which houses the Smart Sponge technology.

The Smart Sponge absorbs any hydrocarbons that would normally pass directly into the canal and solidifies the liquid hydrocarbons into a safe manageable recyclable solid waste, whilst allowing stormwater to pass directly into the canal as a clean natural resource.

As a further pollution prevention measure, Bellway Homes will install the Smart Sponge Gully Adaptors into every road gully at the end of the development contract to further protect the canal and stormwater drainage from pollution. This will enable the site to conform to the requirements of the Water Framework Directive and achieving three layers of treatment.

Apart from the unique Smart Chamber solution, Naylor Environmental was also able to help with the requirement for an attenuation storage system using its Aquavoid-Traffic crate system. This system enables a protected silt and inspection tunnel to be created through the structure to capture and retain the silt within the route allowing simple inspection and maintenance.


The Naylor Environmental Smart Gully range utilises the unique properties of Naylor's Smart Sponge to filter out hydrocarbons at street level before discharge into the sewers or the surrounding environment via soakaways. Available as a Smart Gully Adapter (SGA) the units have been designed for both concrete and plastic street gullies and attach within the rodding eye thus not interfering with flow or maintenance procedures. The SGAs can be supplied ready fitted within the gullies or as a retrofit unit.

There are two types of SGA available, the SGAP2 - Smart Gully Adapter for use with Plastic Gullies and the SGAC2 - Smart Gully Adapter for use with Concrete Gullies. Alternatively customers can quote a gully size and preference to receive a complete Smart Gully. The units can be easily fitted in each available street gully and require no additional design as they do not affect the capacity of the gully.

Maintenance of the Smart Gully is a very simple process and is carried out alongside normal gully maintenance procedures. It is designed not to interfere with a normal gully sucking operation and the top of the unit is readily identifiable by its reflective strips.


This is the first of many Bellway Homes projects that will have the Smart Sponge and Enviroflow technologies installed at the pre-construction phase to protect the surrounding environment and which will therefore encourage biodiversity before and during construction. This is a major consideration for Bellway Homes in its strategy of reducing the disruption to local species and wild meadows and is a first of its kind in consideration for fauna and flora protection.

Rick Fall, project manager for Mackoy said: "When Bellway explained the problem we were not sure if the project would go ahead but the Smart Sponge and Enviroflow technologies are such an easy treatment solution it was a no brainer for us to commit to the products and we will be using these technologies on all of our future projects that require this level of prevention and protection."

Harry Long further said: "The challenge for the project was the SSSI and the fact that the whole site naturally falls towards the canal. When we spoke with Naylor Environmental the support and assistance in proving a solution was incredibly straight forward and the turnaround from design to installation was fantastically quick. This reduced any delays we were anticipating and we are ahead of schedule thanks to the plug and play style of the Smart Filter Chamber units which we can re-use on our next project. The Smart Sponge Smart Gully Adaptors are a perfect solution for achieving the Water Framework Directive and Bellway Homes is now committed to installing this product on all future projects where this is required by the local authority."

For Naylor Environmental Barry Marshall commented: �The use of Smart Sponge, Enviroflow and the Smart Sponge Smart Gully Adaptors on the Bellway development not only provided a cost effective solution to a potential pollution problem for the canal and its surrounding but also highlights very effectively what can be achieved using these simple but very effective products. That between us we were able to provide such a cost effective and environmentally sound solution to Bellway and Mackoy in the timeframe achieved is a testament to the Naylor Environmental team and the foresight of the developer and contractor.�

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