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Posted: Wednesday 3rd December 2008

After a leading supermarket chain was fined £13,500 for contaminating a public sewer with fat from a rotisserie chicken cooking area, it turned to Cleveland Biotech to ensure the problem never arises again.

Following an investigation and subsequent prosecution by Northumbrian Water the supermarket wasted no time in contacting Cleveland Biotech, a specialist in providing natural solutions to the problems of pollution, particularly those arising from the discharge of waste into the environment. Cleveland Biotech has, subsequently, managed to clear not only the drains but also the supermarket’s name, restoring the company’s reputation on the high street.

After surveying the site, Cleveland Biotech’s first step was to install the ground-breaking GreaseBeta system, a foolproof grease management solution that centres around the daily, automated injection of a bacterial solution of fat digesting bacteria. Once activated, these bacteria multiply to colonise the drainage network, all the while releasing a range of enzymes that digest the accumulated fats, oils and grease.

“Since the Grease-Beta is biological in nature and not chemical like standard degreasers or cleaners it eliminates the problem altogether, at the source,” explains Cleveland Biotech’s Dr Tony Brooke, “It doesn’t simply shunt the problem further down the drain line.

“Failure to comply with the Water Industry Act 1991 by discharging matter into the public sewer which may interfere with the free flow of wastewater is a criminal offence and as such carries the threat of prosecution which means substantial fines or even imprisonment. The situation that the supermarket chain found itself in could have resulted in prosecution or an emergency prohibition order preventing trading from the premises which would have had serious consequences.”

The Amnite L100 biofluid at the heart of the GreaseBeta system is odourless, contains no pathogens and is made from non-toxic ingredients making it safe to use in a public or catering environment. The liquid is dispensed via a wall-mounted unit with automatic daily dosing that eliminates human error and ensures the optimum level of bacteria are maintained in the drain line. Each system installed by Cleveland Biotech is supported with on-going service and maintenance.

From the supermarket’s point of view Cleveland Biotech delivered its promise to convince the Environment Agency and the water company that the chain did all it could to rectify the problem and to ensure that it never happens again. The retailer now has Cleveland Biotech on speed dial and is keeping the specialist up-to-date with any problems arising on other sites so that they can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

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