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CleanTech company Sorubin pushes forward

Posted: Wednesday 7th August 2013

The successful Swedish CleanTech Company Sorubin has received the assignment to aerate a landfill leachate dam in Hallsberg in Mid-Sweden. This order means that Sorubin has now taken 25 percent of the total market of aerated leachate dams in Sweden. Furthermore, it took the company only 4 years from start to achieve this feat.

- The landfill leachate aeration market in Sweden is not huge, but highly competitive and laced with many challenges. We are now preparing for what it means to take 25 percent of the much larger markets of industrial and municipal wastewater. Because that’s where we are heading for. We now stand stronger than ever with plenty of good references, several recurring customers and a time tested aerator.

The Swedish CleanTech company Sorubin has step-by-step won increased market acceptance for their energy effective vortex aerators, OptusAir. Orders have come from various customers including the World’s largest food and beverage producer, Nestlé. Sorubin’s vortex aerators have the potential to significantly lower energy expenditure for the industries and utilities that treat water. Awards include Greentech Top 3, Global Top 100 and as finalist in the Cleantech Venture Day Award.

In just four years time, Sorubin has managed to both invent, patent and find a good many customers for their aerators. Now the next step is to implement a better business system and a system for full-scale traceability of all produced aerators. This is seen as a crucial next step towards being able to manage not only a handful deliveries per month, but several deliveries per week.

- We are very proud of our success so far. Our aerators give particularly good customer benefits in the depth segment of 1-6 meter (3-20’) deep aeration applications. As our aerators are starting to be successful also in the process industry and with urban wastewater treatment, we need to take this step forward. We sacrificed some of last year’s sales efforts in order to build a stable foundation and to reorganize our vision. 2013 will see Sorubin building many aeration solutions for the process industry and deliveries to more customers than before, says CEO Stefan Sandström.

Aeration feeds bacteria with oxygen so that they can eat the impurities of the water and also removes heavy metals from waters. Aeration is required by environmental legislation and is often the key treatment process for water treatment. Aeration is energy intense and the most costly cleaning process. A lot of energy is required to make air bubbles with existing technologies. Energy expenditure for aeration account for using over 1% of all electricity produced.

To achieve market acceptance is never an easy thing. It costs money, toil and takes time. Especially hard is it to become accepted in old and well-established businesses like the water industry.

- The aeration industry is over 100 years old so there are some pretty rigid structures out there. However, we also have the benefit of working together with some of our competitors. That’s possible only thanks to the maturity of the business. Through our highly focused work, we are building strong confidence in our products for our customers. Our business logic can be translated to showing our customers: If it works OVER THERE, it could possibly also work HERE, concludes Stefan Sandström.

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