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Clamp-On Ultrasonic water flow measurement provides cost-effective, minimal disruption, installation and maintenance solution for Combined Heat & Power Station

Posted: Monday 12th November 2007

RWE npower Stallingborough is a combined Heat and Power Station supplying Electricity and Thermal Power (Steam) for their client Millennium Inorganic Chemicals on an adjacent site.

The purchase of new meters installed 15 months ago was driven by changes in Environmental Legislation in the area of PPC (Pollution Prevention Control) and the subsequent need to improve measurement and management of raw water usage, process water efficiency and effluent discharge. Additional motivation was provided throughout the continual improvements required by ISO 14001.

Having considered various measurement alternatives Clamp-On Ultrasonic meters and portable instruments were selected due to the installation and maintenance/service benefits associated with the non-invasive technology. And Micronics were selected as the supplier due to a combination of their long-term experience with Clamp-On technology, competitive pricing and product performance. Four UF2000 - Time of Flight - fixed meters, a DFM - Doppler - fixed meter and a Portaflo 300 - Time of Flight - portable flow and logging instrument were purchased as a package.

The Four UF2000's are used to meter - Raw water supply to the station from a bore-hole and to measure di-ionised water flows at three points in the Station's generating process with one of the meters providing a checksum of the two earlier process flow measurements. As Doppler technology is more suitable for turbulent flow measurement the DFM meter was selected to monitor plant effluent discharge. And the Portaflo 300 is used for flow verification and investigations as required.

There has been no direct cost-benefit to RWE Npower as their raw water is supplied by their client free of charge. However, improved measurement and visibility has enabled them to improve the plant's efficiency and as a consequence less water is being consumed, less wastewater is being discharged and their client is benefiting from lower energy costs! The Micronics products have performed well and the RWE Npower installation has been an environmental and financial success.

There is no potential for replication on-site, however, the project has demonstrated how Clamp-On - Ultrasonic technology could be successfully implemented to improve efficiency as part of an overall Water and Wastewater management system on similar sites.

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