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City Water Supply Safeguarded Thanks to Insertion Valve Installation

Posted: Monday 6th September 2021

The installation of an Advanced Valve Technologies EZ Valve has helped secure the water supply to the City of Papillion, a city of 20,000 residents, in Nebraska.

The city is fed its water supply from two large towers. These towers are fed by a pump station with the original pipeline infrastructure dictating that both towers needed to be filled simultaneously.

With this configuration, when City engineers need to carry out repairs or maintenance on the towers, they are forced to shut down the entire water system meaning the town has just two hours until all water pressure is lost. The city needed to install a new control point on the system which would enable each tower to be independently isolated allowing the other tower to maintain the city’s water supply.

AVT’s distributor and certified installer Lincoln Winwater has been an infrastructure material supplier since 2007 and is a certified installer of AVT EZ Valves from 4" to 24” with years of installation experience.

Lincoln Winwater President, Nate Kollars said: “We knew the city needed to create a new control point without having to shut down the water supply and the AVT EZ Valve was the perfection solution.”

The AVT EZ Valve insertion valve can be installed on a live line with no need to shut off the water. The valve uses an integrated isolation gate, which when operated after a slot has been milled across the pipe, allows the EM (end milling) machine to be removed and the bonnet with a resilient wedge to be installed, all while the water is still running.

After working with city engineers and explaining the merits and value of the AVT EZ Valve, the decision was green lit to install a 24” EZ Valve on the ductile iron pipe leading to the towers, adding the required additional control point. This would allow each tower to be filled and maintained separately.

A team of four Lincoln Winwater installers took just eight hours to complete the install.

AVT President Harry Gray said: “We are always delighted to see the EZ Valve do what it does best - help communities to maintain their vital water service. We have a long and trusted working relationship with the team at Lincoln Winwater and we are pleased to have played a part in this great project.”

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