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City of Luxembourg invests in clean drinking water

Posted: Wednesday 16th June 2010

A drinking water treatment plant featuring cutting-edge technology from the German ultrafiltration specialists inge watertechnologies AG went online in the Luxemburg district of Birelergronn in March this year. Water purified using ultra-fine filtration techniques is now available in the city ofLuxembourgby simply turning on the tap.

Greifenberg, April 30, 2010 The area that makes up the city of Luxembourg features 71 springs and water sources, though only 38 of them are actually used to obtain drinking water. The quality of the water acquired from these sources varies depending on how the land that feeds the spring is used. The water supplied to the Birelergronn water treatment plant comes from a total of 14 sources and is collected and temporarily stored in a reservoir that consists of four separate chambers. This reservoir simultaneously serves as a pump tank for the drinking water pumping station that conveys the water to the Sandweiler water towers.

The untreated water in Birelergronn occasionally exhibits microbiological impurities and elevated levels of turbidity. The city of Luxembourg therefore decided to treat the water using an ultrafiltration system and they chose inge watertechnologies AG from Greifenberg near Munich to supply the modules. Luxemburg deliberately went for a company regarded as a global technology leader that was capable of supplying top-quality, German-made membranes and modules, because quality and reliability are two of the city of Luxembourg's top priorities. The city of Luxembourg makes tremendous efforts to constantly monitor the quality of the water people here drink. Simply as a matter of principle, we carry out even more full-scale checks than are actually required, explained Viviane Loschetter, the Luxembourg councilor responsible for environmental affairs, at the inauguration of the new water treatment plant.

Ultrafiltration specialists inge watertechnologies AG are renowned for their extremely resilient membranes and the sustainably cost-effective operating concepts of the systems they supply. The first stage of the Birelergronn plant features 36 dizzer 5000 MB modules arranged in two racks, each of which provides a treatment capacity of 1,680 m a day. The plan is to incorporate further water sources in the treatment process at a later point in time. Plans have already been drawn up for a further stage which would then feature a total of 44 modules in two filtration lines and an overall capacity of 4,320 m per day. To protect the membranes from abrasive substances, a fine filter with a cut-off of 300 m is installed upstream from each block. The remainder of the job is undertaken with superb efficiency by inge watertechnologies AGs extremely small-pore membranes, which remove bacteria, viruses and suspended solids from the water using purely physical means without the use of chemicals. The result is ultra-pure water that Luxembourg's inhabitants can drink with confidence.

Bruno Steis, CEO of inge watertechnologies AG, comments: We are delighted to have been given this opportunity to equip a drinking water treatment plant in Luxemburg with our ultrafiltration technology. For us, Birelergronn represents a fantastic showcase project in the Benelux region which will undoubtedly attract interest from plenty of other districts in the wider area.

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