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Posted: Friday 12th July 2013

Winchester Farm in Cheddar houses one of the largest car boot and Sunday markets in Somerset. With between 5,000 – 6,000 visitors every Sunday - rising to nearly 8,000 in the summer – use of the site’s toilets is high – and the need to flush constant. Cistermiser’s EasyFlush Direct,a new electronic flushing system for WCswas therefore an ideal solution to maintain hygiene standards and combat overflowing.

The EasyFlush Direct system has been installed in 28 toilet cubicles on site. The infrared sensor operated system eliminates the need for a cistern by taking its water feed straight from the mains supply.

By removing the cistern, which would otherwise take time to refill, even after a part flush, a second flush can be activated without delay. This makes Easyflush Direct ideal for venues that experience periods of high demand such as Winchester Farm. In addition during periods of low demand, the Easyflush Direct system also delivers a hygiene flush, to maintain the cleanliness of the WC, and prevent the build up of stagnant water and keep odours at bay.

The Easyflush Direct also of comprises a shut off control valve linked to the infrared sensor – this can help to significantly reduce water waste whilst improving washroom hygiene standards. When the Easyflush Direct sensor is activated, by holding a hand near the sensor, with no need to touch the surface, the valve is triggered and opened for 3 seconds, supplying water to flush the WC. For Winchester Farm, this feature was significant since this shut off control valve helped eliminate the issue of over flowing.

“We are extremely pleased with the results of having the EasyFlush Direct installed. Since installing the product on all our WCs, we have experienced no issues with providing full working toilets during times of high demand. We have also removed the problem of overflowing, which is a massive benefit,” said Ashley Hann, farm owner.

EasyFlush Direct is also fully compliant with Water Regulations in addition to being WRAS approved giving customers even more reassurance.

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