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Posted: Wednesday 26th August 2009

A four star hotel in Windsor is benefiting from the installation of a new Tapworks North Star Simplex commercial water softener. The Royal Adelaide Hotel in the town has reduced its maintenance costs and cleaning bills through the installation of the system in its basement, with clogged up showerheads and limescale stains in the attractive en-suite bathrooms and toilets a thing of the past.

Like much of the South East, London and East Anglia in particular, and despite having Royalty living just down the road, Windsor suffers from hard water coming into properties through the water mains and the introduction of a water softener close to the water main allows the water to have the calcium and magnesium hardness crystals removed from it – knocking the limescale problems associated with hard water on the head before they make their way around the hotel into the guests’ rooms.

Tapworks is the UK arm of the world’s largest manufacturer of water softeners, and it’s seeing increasing demand for its products as more and more businesses in the UK recognise the value of softened water in their business premises. The company has developed a range of electronic water softeners - domestic and commercial - that offer a soft option to hard water problems. With more than 60% of the country in designated hard water areas and suffering from the inconvenience and the costs associated with hard water, there’s plenty of scope for businesses that rely on their water supply to improve its quality and take action that will banish limescale build up, reduce maintenance costs and reduce fuel costs.

General Manager of the Royal Adelaide Hotel, Philipp Weiss says the water softener is a key element of the offering they make to their guests and makes a useful contribution to maintenance savings at the hotel: “We have had a water softener here ever since I’ve been here, but the old one was elderly and clearly in need of replacement so the owners made a decision to ask Tapworks to replace the old one with a new one. Since the new one has been installed we’ve noticed the improvements in the water quality to the bedrooms here, the reduced effort required to keep wash basins, baths and shower screens clean and sparkling and we no longer get blocked shower heads – which seemed to block remarkably quickly before the new softener was installed. We’ve had complimentary comments from guests staying here too, used to living in hard water areas of the UK and further afield too, pleasingly surprised by the difference in the water they experience when they are staying with us.”

The Royal Adelaide’s maintenance manager is Robert Houlihan: “This new softener is an excellent unit. It’s very reliable which is key for us and the electronics act as the unit’s brain. We had a short power cut here a while back and I came down to the basement to get it going again and it had started up on its own, re-set the time correctly and was doing its job without any help from me! The softened water in the hotel certainly reduces the need for maintenance in the showers and bathrooms here and has a positive effect in the kitchens too, particularly in the dishwashers and glass washers. It’s an excellent investment in my view and takes a major headache out of the equation for me.”

Full details of the range of commercial water softeners available from Tapworks can be found at or by calling on 01494 480 621.

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