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Aspire Defence Uses BWT’s AQA Total and Exceeds Expectations

Posted: Tuesday 9th July 2013

BWT UK was asked by Aspire Defence to resolve the issue of having to de-scale a hot water system on a quarterly basis in a diner in an Army camp that it maintains under the MOD’s Project Allenby/Connaught.

The hot water system uses two direct fired Andrew water heaters MAXXflo 60/300 installed on an unvented hot water system fed by a cold water booster set to provide hot water to the kitchen areas. The hot water heaters are installed on a hard water mains system of approximately 360ppm hardness. Every three months, because of the high hardness levels in the mains water, the water heaters needed a full de-scale. This high hardness level also caused reliability problems with the boilers as the scale build-up reduced the heat transfer and the de-scale introduced down time for the units.

In September 2012, BWT UK offered Aspire Defence its patented technology of an AQA Total. This unit uses nano water technology to change the water characteristics and stop the hardness forming in the heat exchangers as scale, protecting the water boilers and ensuring that they run at their correct efficiencies.

An AQA Total 8400 was installed and a trial period of three months was set to see whether AQA Total could cope with the taxing conditions that the diner’s installation demanded.

Heat differential readings were taken by the manufacturer on the newly de-scaled boilers and the AQA Total was commissioned. Between Oct and Dec 2012, readings were again taken on a monthly basis by the water heater manufacturers and BWT, as well as water usage readings for the system. These readings showed that no efficiency had been lost and so no scale had formed in the boilers, and for the first time since the boilers were installed, there was no need for a quarterly de-scale. In the three month trial period, over 357m3 of water had been used, that is a potential 129 Kilos of hard water scale that did not build up!

Aspire Defence’s Estates Technical Director was impressed stating, “The AQA Total unit has performed beyond our expectations on a very problematic site, keeping the boilers scale free; another plus is that since fitting the AQA Total, there have been zero breakdowns on the water heaters”.

Aspire Defence’s Interface Manager added, “With continued performance like this, the AQA Total will be an effective scale prevention device to add to all our hot water installations”.

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