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Posted: Friday 17th January 2014

Siemens has introduced two unique, new solar-powered perimeter protection solutions to meet the challenge of safeguarding extensive perimeters and numerous network assets and services. It is not only difficult and expensive to secure full protection of large perimeter and fence lines, but the requirement for costly duct networks, together with the associated power supplies and cabling infrastructure places significant demands on available resources.

Anglian Water is the first water authority to benefit from the new solar-powered electronic security technology, Si-IR and Si-Fence, in response to their need to secure large perimeters in a cost-effective manner. Both technologies operate on a light source and not just sunlight, remaining powered for up to three months – even in total darkness. In addition to safeguarding assets, they are designed to improve green credentials and assist with carbon reduction programmes.

Si-IR: a wireless networked solar-powered active infra red beam detection system. A secure high-performance beam configuration that forms a series of interconnected beams immune to interference and with built-in redundancy. It provides higher sensitivity and reduced false activations as the parallel beam sets are multiplexed to eliminate unwanted alarms.

Si-Fence: a solar-powered fence mounted perimeter intrusion detection system able to detect intruders up to a distance of 3 metres and detect all attempts to cut, climb or remove the fence and ignore fence disturbance caused by weather or vehicle movement. It delivers further protection by reducing false alarm activations as detection algorithms are distributed along the complete fence line with an automatic ‘self learning’ calibration feature.

Anglian Water has entered into a framework with Siemens to deliver their Security & Emergency Measure Directive (SEMD) programme requirements. The SEMD delivery programme covers the securing of assets ranging from water and waste water treatment works, raw water intakes and abstraction points, pumping stations and water storage facilities. Siemens project scope includes the design, delivery and testing of CCTV solutions, intruder detection, perimeter detection, various IPS systems, IT infrastructure, communications infrastructure, electrical power supply and UPS design and civil engineering.

Mark Pickering from Anglian Waters @One Alliance, comments: “Siemens, working collaboratively with the @One Alliance Design Team has designed a solution that will deliver full perimeter protection in order to save Anglian Water valuable construction time and money. This new technology means that we are able to accelerate our SEMD delivery programme and forgo both the cost and time needed to install civils, power and communications. Furthermore, we will be assured of the security of key locations as well as considerable savings in future running costs.”

Major savings are guaranteed by significantly reducing the cost of installing power and communication cables and undertaking extensive civil engineering work. Siemens has the award winning specialist integration skills to ensure that lifecycle expenditure and system running costs are kept to a minimum.

Water authorities are required to make provision for maintaining water supplies and sewerage services at all times. They need maximum protection for their people, premises and processes to ensure security of supply and to meet these challenging requirements Siemens has developed a specialist water sector team.

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