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£2.6 million upgrade uses Weholite to prevent pollution

Posted: Thursday 31st March 2011

Residents in Clipstone in Nottinghamshire can now enjoy the full benefits of country walks thanks to a three-mile-long sewage system upgrade to prevent flooding and reduce pollution.

Heavy rainfall caused the Clipstone outfall sewer to flood into agricultural land near several nature walks. This has previously resulted in pollution spilling into Vicar Water which runs into the River Maun. Severn Trent Water has invested £2.6 million to help alleviate the problems with a system upgrade.

The flood alleviation project through Kings Clipstone village used Weholite, the HDPE pipe manufactured by Asset International Ltd, for the large diameter pipe work.

Contractors NMC Nomenca installed 300 metres of 1500mm diameter and 150 metres of 1050mm diameter Weholite pipe. The large diameter pipes will act as storage chambers during heavy rainfall and release the water slowly back into the sewage system to be treated before being returned to the surrounding environment.

The pipes were installed with Teekay couplings, sealed watertight joints which effectively allow pipes to be joined quickly. Unlike other couplings the Teekays’ are maintenance-free and do not require 24 hours ‘rest’ before tightening. The Teekay couplings are also rubber lined to ensure resistance against corrosion and therefore ideal for flood alleviation projects.

Project manager at NMC Nomenca, Ian Hawksworth, said: “We have successfully used Weholite on previous projects so have experience of its advantages. Its lightweight properties and ease of handling within a confined linear site meant it was perfect for this scheme at Clipstone.

“Cost in this instance was comparable with other materials but given the ease of handling and speed of installation, made it a viable choice of material. Health and safety risks were also reduced as there was less requirement for heavy-lifting machinery on site for installation. All of these factors resulted in the project being scheduled for completion in January 2011, eight months ahead of schedule.”

Managing director of Asset International Ltd, Simon Thomas, said: “Weholite has a lower carbon footprint than other materials due to its UK manufacture and its lightness when being transported. This is particularly relevant for projects like this one at Clipstone which aims to conserve the environment and reduce flooding and pollution.

“Weholite’s versatility allows bespoke designs for a variety of schemes of all sizes such as flood alleviation, marine outfall and ventilation projects.”

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