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Posted: Tuesday 14th April 2009

OPENED in September 2008, a new 420 pupil primary school, Ysgol Clawdd Offa, has been built in Prestatyn for Denbighshire CC, and is designed for optimum sustainability, including a StormBank® Pro rainwater recycling system from Hydro International.

“The StormBank® Pro system recycles rainwater collected from almost 2,500 sq.m. of pitched roof, filters it and pumps it to the pupil and staff toilets, providing an estimated 90% of the flushing needs,” says Neill Hughes, Project Engineer for Denbighshire CC .

“Recycled rainwater for use in the school toilets is stored in a 150,000 litre tank. Any surplus water not stored for reuse in the school toilets is directed to a 240 cu.m. Hydro Stormbloc® modular attenuation tank prior to discharge into an existing water course. This attenuation tank is located under the school playing field which is enclosed in an impermeable liner providing a shallow, load bearing storage system. This system also provides storm water attenuation for surface water run off from the school car park and ‘drop off’ area.”

“In addition, a third 370 cu.m of Stormbloc® module tank located near the school provides attenuation prior to discharge for surface water run off from the school’s new access road, ensuring the development meets its very constrained discharge consent.” he added.

Gwen Heap, Project Manager for David Mclean Contractors added: “The site conditions are extremely difficult for underground installations as they comprise extensive sands and gravels combined with a very high water table. The Hydro Stormbloc® modular block system has proved its worth as it enables a high volume to be installed in a very shallow excavation and spreads the load of the stored water across the site.”

David Evans, Project Leader for Denbighshire County Council explained the thinking behind the school:”Denbighshire needed to invest in additional primary education places in the Prestatyn area, to supplement existing facilities for new housing developments. We took the opportunity to provide 420 places in a new school building designed by Denbighshire Design and Development (the architectural service of Denbighshire CC) to meet our sustainability and environmental requirements, while offering the best in education and community facilities.

“Hydro’s Stormbank® Pro system provides the rainwater harvesting we specified to meet toilet and urinal flushing needs, and its versatility in installation has helped the completion of the project by the September 08 opening. The many other sustainability measures include: recyclable aluminium doors, windows and roof; solar voltaic panelling for electrical heating supply; sunpipes, rooflights and internal courtyards to maximise daylight use; landscaping to improve control of surface water runoff; bicycle facilities to discourage use of cars and timber sourced from sustainable forests.”

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