Repair Work Fuels New Growth for Panton McLeod

Posted: Friday 15th January 2010

Water quality engineering firm Panton McLeod has begun a UK-wide expansion of its repairs division following a successful series of refurbishment projects across the Midlands.

The Scottish firm - which works with some of the biggest names in the UK water industry to provide repairs, cleaning and inspection services for facilities used in the storage of drinking water - has announced the drive after carrying out a series of repair works in Warwickshire for utility giant Severn Trent Water.

And the company, which recently celebrated its 15th year in the UK water industry, is hoping that the expansion will help position its repairs division as the leading name in the water sector – a position already held by its cleaning, inspection and underwater robotic divisions.

Managing director Iain Weir said: “We’re already well known and respected in the water industry for our innovative cleaning and inspection services, which we provide to many of the biggest water companies across the UK.

“Over the past 15 years we’ve worked hard to build up our reputation as the country’s leading tank cleaning company and are now seen as pioneers in our field thanks to our patented cleaning products and our innovative underwater inspection robots.

“However, one of the lesser-known – but equally vital – parts of our operation is the dedicated repairs division. We have teams that regularly provide repairs and refurbishment work on water storage facilities and pipelines across the whole of the UK, but it remains the ‘unsung hero” of our business.

“Therefore, we have decided to carry out a major expansion of our repairs divisions over the coming months. We see this work as being one of the cornerstones of our business in 2010 and beyond, so it’s important that we highlight the innovative services we offer and showcase the major projects we have been involved with recently.

“As we routinely clean and disinfect water structures and facilities across the country there is no-one better to ensure that these service reservoirs are repaired to the highest standard. Our engineers and experts are uniquely placed to provide a bespoke repair service that is cost-effective for each client and ensures that water supplies remain at the purest levels.

“Our overall vision is to position Panton McLeod as not only the country’s leading cleaning and inspection firm, but also the leading repair company working in the UK water industry today.”

As part of the expansion drive, Panton McLeod will be targeting major water companies across the UK to highlight the benefits of using its repairs services – which include internal repairs such as restoring expansion joints, water proofing, applying protective coatings, servicing valves and replacing or modifying pipework.

The firm will also be highlighting its repairs service to the exterior of the tanks, which includes water proofing, improving ventilation and drainage, fitting hand railings and access ladders, repairing access hatches and providing ground works and excavations.

Over the past two years, Panton McLeod’s repairs division has carried out numerous projects north of the Border for Scottish Water – including performing a full refurbishment and new membrane fitting for a strategic Service Reservoir in Cowhill, Fort William, and carrying out major roof repairs to two tanks at Loch Ascog in Argyll & Bute.

In its most recent repair project in 2009, the firm carried out refurbishments on a series of water facilities across Warwickshire for Severn Trent Water. The projects included an extensive repair of a strategic service reservoir in Binton that ensured customers in the area continued to receive the purest drinking water supplies.

Iain added: “The recent work in Warwickshire was a great showcase of our range of repair services. We carried out everything from small patch-up work to full refurbishments that involved applying layers of protective coatings to the inside of the tanks and restoring cracked brickwork and fixing leaks to ensure that the tanks were not at risk of being contaminated.

“By using our expert repair team, Severn Trent Water was able to ensure all of these refurbishments were carried out swiftly and cost-effectively – providing minimum disruption to customers’ supplies while securing the long-term serviceability of these facilities.

“With the new promotional drive for our repairs division currently underway, we are now looking forward to carrying out similar projects for other major water companies across the UK over the coming year.”

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