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WATERMATIC and Q-Water go down a storm in Cyprus

Posted: Wednesday 6th August 2008

WATERMATIC has teamed up with Cyprus based Q-Water to supply water treatment products to the drought stricken Mediterranean island.

Now suffering from a fourth year of drought and with only 10% of the national reserve left, Cypriot authorities have had to impose strict water cuts to ensure the needs of the population can be met. Although not compulsory, a high proportion of commercial enterprises on the island such as hotels, bars and restaurants have installed water saving devices in an attempt to make the most of dwindling water supplies. However as well as a lack of water, the island receives very hard water, which is having a negative effect on the water saving devices.

Mark Hadfield, Q-Water’s Sales & Technical Director, explains “The current situation in Cyprus is fairly dire, not only do we have a lack of water but the water we do have is extremely hard, around 800 parts per million! We were finding that the water saving devices that we were installing couldn’t cope with the hard water and associated scale build up, which is why we returned to England to source suitable and cost effective water treatment products.

“After hearing about KAL-GUARD+, the revolutionary product from WATERMATIC, it sounded like the solution that we had been looking for.”

Straightforward to install, KAL-GUARD+ is an electrolytic scale inhibitor that delivers a water treatment process to manage limescale within a system. The unit incorporates a simple to use, yet sophisticated controller to match the level of water treatment to suit the local water hardness conditions, and in independent testing at Cranfield University has been shown to reduce limescale formation on heating surfaces by up to 80 percent.

Mark adds, “After initially trialling the product last December we are now seeing unprecedented demand for it. To date this year we’ve already installed 80 KAL-GUARD+ units making Q-Water the world’s largest buyer of the product.

“We recently installed KAL-GUARD+ in conjunction with Q-Waters water saving tap and shower system in the Neptune Hotel, Coral Bay near Paphos and once the KALGUARD+ was fitted the hotel made impressive water savings of around 40% overnight. The hotel owner was delighted with the instant result and the cost effective package we provided him with.

“With no end in sight for the water shortage over the coming summer months, I can only envisage, like the temperature in Cyprus, the demand for the KAL-GUARD+ is set to rise.”

WATERMATIC provides products to combat limescale and corrosion in commercial and industrial premises. As well as being ideal for use in the hospitality and leisure industries, KAL-GUARD+ is also successfully used in factories, nursing homes and government buildings across the UK and Europe. The company implements an ongoing research and development programme to create innovative solutions that fulfil the requirements of many organisations for low cost of ownership with minimum environmental impact

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